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How often do your heart and your head agree?

If your answer is "rarely" or "never", then you are in the right place.

When the heart and head are "on the same wavelength" you are in flow and full of energy.
- you are in flow and full of energy and power
- life is effortless and fun
- you find a fulfilling task and are successful with it
- and you move mountains with ease
I know this phenomenon from my own experience as well as from many years of working with many of my clients.

What is Heartmath - Heart Coherence ?

Heartmath is an efficient and uncomplicated learning program for self-regulation.

Where what you have learned in other methods may fade away in everyday life, Heartmath-Heart Coherence offers you effective and sustainable help for self-help.

In my Heart Coherence Coaching I help you to bring your heart and your head back into a harmonious conversation with each other.
Core elements of the method are breathing techniques, mindfulness training and biofeedback tools (Inner Balance Trainer and emWavePro). The biofeedback sensors measure your heart activity and thus make your physical, mental and emotional stress levels visually visible. We use this feedback to specifically regulate your obstructive emotional and thought patterns and to increase your resilience. You will permanently establish a balanced and relaxed state within yourself and reduce your stress level in a self-effective way. Resilience is not just about stoically surviving adverse circumstances. Resilience includes

- 1. being prepared for adverse circumstances

- 2. reacting appropriately (and not excessively) in the adverse situation

- 3. regulating oneself down afterwards.

This saves incredible resources and prevents burnout.

The success of the Heartmath Method is also scientifically proven (30 years of research at the Heartmath Institute proves it .

Coaching goals

- increased resilience, vitality, productivity and resilience
- more emotional intelligence
- greater intuition and creativity
- more fulfillment, serenity and light-heartedness
- better management of energy resources
- greater physical and mental health

I offer

- Heart Coherence Coaching in personal as well as in groups and organizations
- Heart Coherence Yoga
- Heart Coherence with animals

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