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This is me

For over 30 years, as a biologist (behavioral research) and dancer (modern dance, jazz dance and classical ballet), I have been dedicated to the interplay and interaction of body and mind.

In 2009 I discovered yoga and have stuck with it. For me, yoga is a holistic, fascinating and fulfilling work with body, mind and soul, which I can no longer imagine my life without.

- In 2010 I completed my training as "Yoga Teacher Advanced" (BYY) with 600 hours at the "Institute

  for Yoga and Health" in Cologne.

- In 2012 I added my training in Aerial Yoga.

- Since 2021 I have been teaching yoga on the Swinging YoBo I designed for targeted     

  strengthening of the deep muscles.

- Since 2022 I am a certified HRV coach (mental and breath training for self-regulation using


The 3 most important components of my yoga class are:

- a clear, physiological and joint-friendly body alignment in the asanas

- the yogic breath (pranayama), which I like to combine with the principles of coherent heart

  breathing (HRV research).

- Meditation and mindfulness: helping the body to center itself in its center and to draw clarity,

  stability, strength and calmness.

Also important to me is the joy of movement with the goal of meeting yourself with greater mindfulness and appreciation. Because: a yoga practice with a positive, appreciative attitude towards yourself and your body is the key to greater health, joy, balance and fulfillment in your life.

But enough words, just come by, because... "You can't describe the value of yoga, you have to experience it."

(B.K.S. Iyengar, founder of Iyengar Yoga)

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